Do you suffer from headaches or face and TMJ pain?
Are you aware of clenching or grinding at night?
Are your teeth wearing down, looking much shorter than they used to be?
Are your gums receding?
Do you have cracks or fractured teeth?
Do you break porcelain crowns and fillings requiring them to be redone?
Do you feel like you have multiple places where your teeth fit together?
Have you seen your General Medical Doctor or Neurologist with no answers or another prescription for medications?

All of these symptoms can easily be related to your  mouth and bite, even tinging in the ears, stuffiness in the ears or eyes, neck or shoulder pain, back pain, plus many other unexplained aches and pains.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Rejuvenation Dentistry is the relief which you have been looking for.

I have been studying post graduate dentistry for  22 years seeking the very best treatment I could deliver to my patients.  I have traveled across the country many times learning excellent techniques.  Many times these techniques worked wonderfully, however  something was always missing. Most of my patients suffered from the above symptoms at some level.  Some are painful enough to seek treatment and some are minor annoyances.  Most of the treatment I learned was treating symptoms or a “band-aid” approach, not the real cause of the underlying problem.  For the first time in my professional career I found a philosophy of oral health that was based on the study of extremely healthy mouths and chewing systems. Without understanding what is biologically natural, how do we know how to restore?  We learned to treat symptoms, such as a broken tooth receives a crown, but why did the tooth break in the first place and won’t another one break? Patients who go through this process of rejuvenation dentistry no longer wear their teeth down or have pain.  They are comfortable, headache free and enjoy a healthy, stable system that remains in balance. This is the type of dentistry that restores lives, not just teeth.


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